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i am demisexual meaning i am only attracted to those born of gods or who are themselves a diety. move out of the way assholes, i’m gonna fuck zeus

The Blue Arch of a Mosque in Esfahan
Photo and caption by Tandis Khodadadian
Photographed April 2013, Esfahan, Iran


Even broken things can still be beautiful. [via]


i accidentally spilled monster energy drink in my fish bowl and now my goldfish won’t stop saying “bro” and keeps flexing its fins


I also have a cat. Her name is Domino. I call her “D” for short. She’s not a lap-cat or much of a snuggler which makes me sad sometimes but she loves attention in the form of pets, play and being talked to. She’s been chirping at me since I got home from work. She’s my kitty buddy.


Did some quick dots on Rachael today. Lines healed.